Girls match reports

Girls Match Reports wb 06/10/2014

Girls Netball

Monday 6th October

Year : 7

Opposition:  Bushey Academy                Fixture:  League

Result: Won 5-0


A.Quarib, A. Wells Harbin, A. Finley, C. Barnett, Y. WEbb, E. Henderson,

A.Andrews, A. Sjollema, K. Williams, L. Bachieri, M. Taylor-Bean, E. Swain, N. Redmond, C. Lightfoot

Comment: An excellent game from our new year 7s! We kept the ball in our goal third for the majority of the game and the girls passing become increasingly accurate Defence was strong too.. Well done!

Player of Match: Anna Finley

Year : 8

Opposition:  Bushey Academy                Fixture:  League

Result: Win 14-4

Squad:  R.Aravindan, B.Parker,’Alwis, A.Rashid, F.Kelly, E.Houghton-Brown, A.Trivedi, J.Phillips, G.Bryant

Comment:  A great victory for the BMS squad who dominated from the start, they showed their superiority taking a 6 goal lead into the second third and never looked back. Well played girls.

Player of Match: Bella Parker

Year : 9

Opposition:  Bushey Academy                Fixture:  League

Result: Win 8-5

Squad: B.Lipman, L.Campbell, R.Bharmal, L.Parr, O.McManus, E.Felguiras, I.Hadland, M.Stefanov

Comment: In a scrappy game Bushey Meads came out winners although their dominance was not reflected in the score.  Showing some great movement up court and strength in defence BMS easily earned their victory.  Well played girls

Player of Match: Olivia McManus

Year : 10

Opposition:  Bushey Academy                Fixture:  League

Result: Won 13-3

Squad: A. Sunpongco, J. Pickles, I. Stovey, E. Bonyadi, T. Bingham-Thacker, M, Sharif,  T. Barnard-White

Comment: An excellent performance from our year tens with some excellent movement up court and accurate shooting. Well Done!

Player of Match: Bella Stovey

Year : 8

Opposition:  Immanuel             Fixture:  League

Result: Win 15-6

Squad:  R.Aravindan, B.Parker,’Alwis, A.Rashid, F.Kelly, E.Houghton-Brown, A.Trivedi, J.Phillips, G.Bryant, M.Bonyadi, M.Shah

Comment:  In an busy week for the year 8 team, the girls really put all their hard work into practice to dominate their opposition from the start.  Using the whole of the court they were able to pass accurately around their opposition to feed shooters who secured an easy victory.

Player of Match: Ayisha Rashid

Year : 10

Opposition:  St.Michaels               Fixture:  League

Result: won 13-10

Squad:: A. Sunpongco, J. Pickles, I. Stovey, E. Bonyadi, T. Bingham-Thacker  M,Sharif    E Leeves  I Vincent

Comment:  After a weak start the girls began to link passes together well and intercept more passes from their opposition. An impressive last quarter

Player of Match : Myah Shariff for strong defending in the circle