Highly Able Student Provision


At Bushey Meads we are committed to providing an environment, curriculum and extended curriculum, which are appropriate to the needs and abilities of all of our students and which encourages all pupils to realise their potential.  For the Highly Able we aim to provide a curriculum rich in  stretching and challenging experiences, extended curriculum opportunities that stimulate their interest and an environment which rewards and praises excellence.

 Highly Able students take advantage of extended curriculum opportunities. Click pictures to enlarge.

HEADLINES PICTURE_140214 school production

Music and drama performers in their show finale


Winning students in the dock at their mock trial

HEADLINES PICTURE_140312 Gymnastics

Gymnasts proudly present their winners’ trophy


Highly able students are those who have one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop these abilities).

We aim to target the top 10% of our population, using prior data to identify students capable of gaining a string of top grades in a range of subjects, and using departmental recommendations to identify those students who may excel in one or more specific areas, such as sport, music, art, technology or languages.

The parents/carers of students on our Highly Able list are informed of this and invited to an evening event. This is in order to inform about  opportunities for Highly Able students and to encourage engagement with these opportunities and, of course, to celebrate success.


  1. HA students are catered for in their lessons, with learning activities which stretch and challenge the most able.  Success is rewarded through our rewards scheme, events such as our termly rewards assemblies and our annual formal rewards evening, and through student achievement boards across the school.
  2. We provide a curriculum which caters well for HA students. At Key Stage Three we provide a pathway and setting system which teaches the most able students separately for all academic subjects. Many subjects begin GCSE learning already in Year 9, and core subjects are similarly differentiated into sets. We provide the full range of EBAC subjects at Key Stage Four. And at Key Stage Five our provision extends to Law, Economics, Psychology, Maths and Further Maths, all Sciences, two Languages as well as all main facilitating subjects and a large range of other subjects too. Full details of our Sixth Form provision can be found on this website under Parents/Sixth Form (or click here).
  3. We expect our HA students to engage with our extensive extended curriculum provision in terms of clubs, which can be found on this website under Parents/Extended Curriculum (or click here to see our extended curriculum).
  4. We expect our HA students also to engage with other extended curriculum provision in terms of competitions, trips and visits (click here to see our other extended curriculum opportunities).
  5. Bushey Meads provides extensive leadership opportunities and we expect HA students to engage well with these opportunities (click here for a list of leadership roles).
 Highly Able students take advantage of extended curriculum opportunities. Click pictures to enlarge.


Successful athletes at the district championships

HEADLINES PICTURE_140707 Rewards Evening

The annual formal rewards evening

Sports Leaders – one of many leadership opportunities